Why Should We Hire You? Call Center Sample Answers

Why Should We Hire You Call Center Interview

To answer the call center job interview question Why should we hire you, highlight one positive thing about you and then back up that answer well. If you can do that, then you’re good.

If you need sample answers, read on. Here’s how to answer the call center job interview question, “Why should we hire you?” Below is the video format I made for this article if you hate reading.

Why interviewers ask this question

Interviewers ask the question Why should we hire you to simply see whether you have enough confidence to showcase and present yourself to the interviewer. Simple. This is not a trick question.

After all, at this point in the job interview, they already know your professional background and the previous job experiences you’ve had.

This is really less about your actual job and professional background but more about how you present and showcase yourself to your interviewer.

Therefore, it’s very important to look and sound confident when delivering your answer.

Remember, when taking actual calls, scripts alone won’t help you.

It takes confidence to deliver the scripts and sound convincing to your customers to give the impression that you know what you’re talking about (even if at times, you don’t).

This is not the time for you to slouch on your chair and for your voice to shake. This is the time when you should muster all the confidence you have in you and apply it to the delivery of your answer.

How to answer: Why should we hire you?

To prepare your answer, follow the three steps below to create an answer that is unique to yourself alone. While I’ll give you sample answers, it is still best that you tailor your answer in a way that only applies to you and you alone.

Step 1: Pick one good reason to hire you.

To do this, think of one positive thing about you (that you truly possess) that you’re most proud of. Just one. It could be a trait, a habit, or a goal. Anything that paints you in a good light.

But why choose only one? Why not three or four? After all, more should be better, right? Well, not necessarily.

Focusing on one positive reason sounds more credible and genuine. On the other hand, mentioning too many runs the risk of sounding like you’re bragging or tooting your own horn.

Of course, you still wanna promote yourself but beware, there’s a fine line between bragging and presenting yourself positively without inciting a negative impression on yourself.

At most, you can state two but no more than that. Also, make sure that what you’re gonna say is true. Because then, it wouldn’t be so hard to back it and it would sound authentic.

Step 2: Pick a common call center problem to solve.

To answer this question, you need to first think of the most common problems that call center companies face when hiring employees. And as a former call center agent, let me tell you some:

  • Attrition: This is when trained employees leave. This is bad news for the company because training costs money only to find their employees leave in the end. The most common reasons for leaving are stress, night shifts, and the inability to handle irate customers.
  • Absenteeism: Not as bad as attrition but still bad. This causes a longer wait time for the customer just to get ahold of an agent due to an insufficient workforce.
  • Poor performance. An example is when customers unnecessarily call back for the same problem. The standard procedure is, if an agent could solve the customer’s problems in one call, then she must. Sadly, some agents don’t follow this. They forget to warn customers of the possible problems they might face in the future, they don’t get back to the customer as promised, or they’re simply too stressed to care.

Step 3: Support or back up your answer.

Supporting your answer will make it sound genuine and credible.

You can’t just claim that you’re a good hire then expect the interviewer to believe you immediately. You have to back up your claim! Otherwise, your answer would sound shallow.

There are several ways to support your answer. Below are some examples:

Why Should We Hire you? Sample Answers

1. Tell a story that supports your answer.

“You should hire me because I never shy away from irate customers.

“In my 2 years of experience as a waitress, I’ve dealt with all sorts of customers face to face and not all of them were friendly.

“One experience I had was when a customer in the restaurant I was working for made a scene. She was yelling at me about how incompetent I was because their food was taking forever to arrive. She was also calling me names.

“Take note that it was Valentine’s Day and it was very busy. Our manager instructed us to inform the customers before they order that foods were going to take around 45 minutes to an hour.

“I did just that. I made it clear to her and her boyfriend that it’s gonna take a maximum of 1 hour and they both said it was okay. When she started yelling at me, it was only 30 minutes in.

“So, knowing that I was in the right, I reminded her that I did inform her about the time frame before she placed the order.

“Still, she wouldn’t budge. She demanded to just forget the whole thing and was preparing to leave. I said no, that wasn’t possible because their orders were already being prepared and should they decide to leave, they’d have to pay for it.

“She asked for the manager. But my manager was out having lunch. So right at that moment, I knew it was only up to me to calm her down and make her see reason until the manager gets back.

“So I tried one more time and told her that although I really wanted to help, the circumstances just didn’t make it possible for me to meet her request.

“I empathized and said that it must not have been the experience they’re hoping for and told her that I’d recheck with the chef. That calmed her down a little.

“In the end, she finally budged and probably realize the logic behind my reasoning and with the help of her boyfriend, she calmed down. At that point, I no longer needed my manager.

“Anyway, my point is that, in customer service, you’re gonna encounter all sorts of people, and not all of them will be reasonable.

“Being a front liner in customer service for 2 years, I understand this task and I’m confident about my ability to handle it. I’m hoping that your company would give me a chance to prove myself even if I don’t have a call center experience.”


Step 1: Pick one good reason to hire you.
In this case, confidence when dealing with irate customers.

Step 2: Pick a common call center problem to solve.
An irate customer who makes unreasonable demands.

Step 3: Support or back up your answer.
In this answer, the applicant supported her answer by telling a story about one of her encounters with an irate customer and how she solved the problem without having to rely on her manager.

Telling a story to support your answer is great for two reasons:

  • First, it’s intriguing because it’s something that actually happened.
  • Second, it paints a realistic picture for the interviewer to see. Painting a scenario is an effective way to convince an interviewer.

2: Paint an imaginary scenario.

If you couldn’t think of an actual occasion in the past that supports your answer, then paint an imaginary scenario for the interviewer to imagine!

The beauty of it is that it doesn’t have to be something that you actually did in the past. It’s just an image that you’re painting for the interviewer so she has an idea of how you would perform your job should the company decide to hire you.

“You should hire me because I’m a person who pays very close attention to quality.

“When I decide to do something, be it as simple as cleaning a kitchen or as significant as exploring a new career, I always give it my hundred percent. And I really believe I could apply this to customer service.

“You see, my number one rule when helping customers is, as much as possible, they should not have to call for the same problem twice. That, to me, is the very definition of an excellent customer service.

“Of course, depending on lots of factors, this isn’t always possible. But if I can help it, I make sure that customers know what they have to know right on the first call and that their concerns are addressed to the best of my ability while also following the company policy.

“This way, customers are satisfied, there are no unnecessary repeat contacts, and the workforce is strong as it should.”


Step 1: Pick one good reason to hire you.
Attention to quality.

Step 2: Pick a common call center problem to solve.

In this case, it was the unnecessary repeat contacts by customers. I kid you not. This is an excellent problem to pick because this is something that all call center companies can relate to.

Think about it, unnecessary repeat contacts means more queue. Not to mention that when a customer has to repeatedly call for the same problem, she gets more and more irate each time. Overall, it’s just bad for the company.

Step 3: Support or back up your answer.

Notice that with this answer, there was no mention of an actual experience in the past. The scenario presented was imaginary and hypothetical but it was still as effective as the first example because it’s addressing a problem that call center companies know too well.

3. Or simply state the benefits of hiring you!

“You should hire me because I want to build a career in this industry and I intend to stay long term.

“I know that this could be a stressful job. I know that the shift is mostly at night. I know that the schedule changes from time to time.

“But you see, I only graduated high school. And as far as I know, this is the only industry where I have equal opportunity as everyone else, where I actually have the chance to build a career.

“And I would really love to take advantage of that and make that happen specifically in your company.

“If you give me a chance to work for your company, you won’t regret it. I always make it my goal to keep learning and improving. My short school education won’t stop me from absorbing everything that you have to teach.

“I’m also not gonna be one of those employees who leave after months of being hired. I intend to establish my roots here.”


Step 1: Pick one good reason to hire you.
The desire to build a career in the call center industry.

Step 2: Pick a common call center problem to solve.
Attrition: when call center agents leave too soon.

Step 3: Support or back up your answer.
The applicant supported her answer by stating a vulnerable yet very convincing reason for why she truly intends to stay with the company: Her being only a high school graduate and her seeing call center as her only ticket to a career.

Stating this reason might sound desperate in some circumstances. But when combined with the right words and delivered right, this is actually the kind of answer that effectively convinces an interviewer that you’re sincere simply because of the vulnerability involved in it.

Of course, you don’t wanna overdo the vulnerability factor. Note that the applicant also acknowledged the fact that she’s only a high school graduate but she did emphasize that it won’t stop her from learning what the company has to teach.

Overall, this is an ideal answer if you have some weaknesses in your professional background. While it’s true that most call centers have no problem hiring high school graduates, it’s still possible that some interviewers might be a little reluctant about it. Addressing that when answering this question is a great way to banish that doubt.

That is all for today. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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